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Dec. 2021-May 2022

CCRA Book Club

Conferring with Readers: Supporting Each Student’s Growth & Independence by Jennifer Serravallo & Gravity Goldberg

Earn 1.3 units by participating in book club! VP Tamra Mansapit (CCRA VP) will post questions monthly

To earn units post at least 3 comments per month on CCRA FB.

Get this book free by encouraging a peer to join or rejoin CCRA/CRA (if they’re more than 2 months late in their renewal)

We offer one semester unit from UOP (fee $80) for attending 3 of our free webinars.


Please join us!  Make a difference in your students’ literacy! It’s priceless!

January 27, 2022

Free CCRA Webinars  

Earn a 1/3 of a semester unit for attending each of our webinars.

Coming on February 10 CYRM Webinar by Patricia O’Hanian

Coming on April 14 Book Talk by Stacey Dufour

Coming on May 19 Book Talk by Charity Starr

Coming in June Book talk given  by Book Cub participantson Conferring with Readers: Supporting Each Student’s Growth & Independence  (authors Jennifer Serravallo & Gravity Goldberg) 

Stephanie Goldman’s Book Talk on Shifting the the Balance by Jan Burkins and Kari Yates 4-5 PM

March 24, 2022

California Reading Association News

Earn 3 units for every webinar you attend at CCRA if you’re a member of our local chapter  CCRA or CRA. 

Mary Howard Learn How to Widen Your Intervention Reach! Sign up today!


Thursdays 3:30-5 PM 

CCRA Meetings

Free events TBD

Virtual Now; Concord Library 2900 Salvio St. Concord, CA 94519 when SIP is lifted

Earn Semester Units for $80 each by attending  & chatting throughout 3 webinars 3:45-5:15 Pm

Free quality books for your classroom library

Monthly blogging on Conscious Discipline Book Club for 1 unit: post on @ccreadingassociation on Facebook



By Becky Baily

May 2022

Officer Installation & Awards Party

Celebrate Literacy – Honoring Deserving Members

Join us may 2022


2020-2021 CCRA Book & Podcast Reviews

Register to Review a Book or podcast & earn a unit 

Click Register button to do a 10-15 minute talk on a Professional Development book or an Angela Watson Podcast or another podcaster that specializes in literacy instruction. 

Space is limited so sign up NOW please!   

John Farrell

Singer & Author

Featured at Kick off Meeting 9/10/20