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Sept. 2022-May 2023

CCRA Book Club Participants

Conferring with Readers: Supporting Each Student’s Growth & Independence by Jennifer Serravallo & Gravity Goldberg

Earn 1 unit by posting at least 3 comments per month on our FB. VP Tamra Mansapit will post questions with board member’s help (Jacquie Young) monthly.  To earn 2 units, sign up @ bottom  of this page to do a 10 min. talk on your favorite chapter & how it impacted your classroom.

Get this book free by encouraging a peer to join or rejoin CCRA/CRA (if they’re more than 2 months late in their renewal)

Please join us!   Make a difference in your students’ literacy!   It’s priceless!

September 15, 2022

Free CCRA Webinars  

Earn a semester unit for attending 3 CRA and/or CCRA webinars if you’re a member.

11/10- Tamra presents at Garin in Brentwood.  Dr. Adria Klein presents in 2023. Book talks coming in 2023 to Brentwood & Concord.    Exciting book talks coming to CCRA Members soon!

Join Dr. Kathy Perez Digging Deeper with Differentiation in Literacy!”  and earn 1 unit for the kickoff special!

9-15-22 4-5:15 PM Webinar

Special Membership Price $25 (Reg. $40) 

Register to win a copy of Kathy’s book!

Oct.21-22, 2022

California Reading Association News

10/21-22 Professional Development Institute You pay $25 & CCRA pays $25 to attend to 1st 8 members to email Lynn & earn 1 unit!

Thursdays 4:00-5:15 PM

CCRA Meetings

Free events TBD when 

Virtual Now; Concord Library 2900 Salvio St. Concord, CA 94519 in 2023

Earn Semester Units for $80 each by attending  & chatting throughout 3 webinars 3:00-4:00 Pm

Free quality books for your classroom library at meeting raffles

Monthly blogging on  Book Club for 1-2 units: post on @ccreadingassociation on Facebook

By Jen Serravello

May 2023

Officer Installation & Awards Party

Celebrate Literacy – Honoring Deserving Members

Join us May 2023 Date TBD


2022-2023 CCRA Book & Book Club Reviews

Register to Review a Book or podcast & earn a unit

Click Register button to do a 10 minute talk on a Professional Development book or your favorite take aways from CCRA Book Club in 2023 to earn 2 units.

Space is limited so sign up NOW please!   

John Farrell

Singer & Author

Featured at CCRA webinars .  Join us!